STEM Club launches through Genesis Centre

The newest club added to St. Clair is Women in STEM, hosted by Susan Taylor, who oversees the College’s Genesis Centre.

The club’s purpose is to support female students interested in careers related to STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). STEM has been traditionally dominated by male workers, Taylor said, but women are making inroads and groups such as the one at St. Clair offer support to female students interested in related careers.

Activities in the club support and encourage female students to pursue STEM jobs they are passionate about and teach them the skills they will need to succeed in the future.

Guest speakers also play a predominant role in the club and feature local female leaders such as Windsor Police Chief Pam Mizuno and College President Patti France. Taylor said the female guest speakers are vital to the club’s success.

“I’m trying to find women to act as role models to the students,” Taylor said.

Joining the club could open many doors for you in the future as networking events occur monthly for members. The first event is Women in Mobility Networking Event on November 23. The Women in STEM club is also proud to announce a partnership with Wtech Alliance for another networking event on December 10. All events are to be held virtually due to COVID-19.

The club is currently 30 members strong and supports all College STEM programs, such as Mobile App Development, Robotics, Data Analytics and Protection Security and Investigation.

For more information about joining the STEM club, please email Taylor at